What is family and why is it important?

I truly don’t know.

I believe family is meant to stick together. Blood is thicker than water, isn’t it? Then why are children being neglected? Why are men shunned, because they are homosexual? Why are babies abandoned on beaches and malls? Why do we only see our family when someone dies?

I believe family is a type of propaganda, made for those who need it, and to hell with the rest. Why is it, that when the golden child of the family messes up, it’s all right, “He just needs a little support.”, but when the supposed black sheep needs support, love and care, there is none. That part of the family isn’t worth it. Doesn’t have that part of the family have the same blood as the golden child. Is some blood better than others?

Family is there for comfort, which you can find in the hearts of friends, support, once again you can find it in friends and love, which you can find in friends or even a love.

Family is there to judge you, criticize you and break you down, or so I believed.

One afternoon I watched my best friend’s family. Not one bad word, awful joke or criticized came from the mouth of any of the family members. Is that what real family looks like. Or is that the exception to the rule.

I love and adore so members of my family, but others are just awful humanbeings. Should I forgive them for it, simply because they’re family?


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